I am passionate about public education and outreach, especially within local communities. During graduate school, I gave presentations on marine science careers at local NC middle schools and spoke with local people and managers during my Caribbean fieldwork. In Bonaire, I helped develop weekly activities for the STINAPA Junior Rangers, the island's conservation group for local children. I also assisted in the Junior Rangers' annual debate by helping develop a workshop series on shark conservation and judging the debate along with Angelo Villagomez from The PEW Foundation.

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Science communication is a priority of mine. Although often challenging, I believe that both developing and utilizing effective science communication skills are essential. Throughout graduate school, took multiple science communication courses as well as attended and led science communication workshops. In October 2013, I co-founded UNdertheC blog with another Marine Sciences graduate student with the purpose of making marine sciences interesting and accessible to a general audience. While at CIEE Bonaire, I gave public presentations on my undergraduate and graduate research.

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As my research career began with an undergraduate research opportunity, mentoring undergraduate students is very important to me. As both an undergraduate and graduate student at UNC, I gave presentations to undergraduate classes getting involved with undergraduate research and encouraged students to contact me if they were interested in pursuing research. As a teaching assistant at CIEE Bonaire, I co-advised three undergraduate students on 13-week independent research projects, offering guidance throughout the entire process of planning, data collection, analysis, writing, and presenting.

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Science Communication

Local Communities

Undergraduate Mentor

Junior Ranger Shark Sanctuary Debate.

Public presentation at CIEE Bonaire.

My IR co-advisor and two of our students.