• Local vs global stressors on coral reef ecosystem function
  • Methods to improve efficacy and quantify success of MPAs
  • Functional diversity as a  metric of ecosystem function
  • Connectivity and meta-population dynamics

Possible Future Research Interests

My general research interest is marine ecology, specifically coral reef ecology. I am interested in finding ways to apply marine ecology research for effective marine conservation. I believe that collaboration and working with local communities are also essential aspects of successful conservation and management. My ideal future research project would include all three of my interests: coral reef ecology, marine conservation, and local community involvement.

  • AAUS and PADI Dive Master
  • R: data analysis and statistics
  • Project leadership experience
  • Belt transect visual surveys 
  • AGGRA protocol experience
  • Reef fish and coral ID

Highlighted Research Experience

The majority of my research focused on the Caribbean lionfish invasion. For my undergraduate thesis, I investigated the possibility of biotic resistance against invasive lionfish. For my M.S. research, I quantified the impacts of invasive lionfish on coral reef fish across the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in Belize. While at CIEE, I co-led a project comparing methods estimating benthic cover and reef complexity. This manuscript is in preparation.

See my publications here.

Recent Research

Future Research

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