• Red Cross CPR and First Aid
  • DAN Oxygen First Aid for Scuba
  • IYT Crew Member and Navigation Master (40 days sailing)
  • PADI Dive Master, 300+ dives
  • AAUS Scientific Diver (60ft), 120+ scientific dives
  • Underwater photography
  • Belt transect visual surveys 
  • AGGRA protocol experience
  • Caribbean reef fish and coral ID
  • Pacific marine invertebrate ID

Highlighted Research Experience

current Research

Environmental Epigenetics | Coral Reef Ecology | Marine Ecology | Conservation

The majority of my previous research focused on the Caribbean lionfish invasion. For my undergraduate thesis, I investigated the possibility of biotic resistance against invasive lionfish. For my M.S. research, I quantified the impacts of invasive lionfish on coral reef fish across the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in Belize. While in the Marshall Islands, I assisted in coral reef surveys to support the national conservation plan. I also assisted the local Marine Resource Authority  with data analysis and organization.

 I have recently joined Dr. Eirin-Lopez's Environmental Epigenetics lab at Florida International University as a PhD student. My research will focus on epigenetic responses to environmental stressors in corals, and connections between environmental epigenetics and coral reef conservation. I am also interested in the role of epigenetic mechanisms in the process of preconditioning or stress-hardening. I am excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Reef Renewal Bonaire  for part of my research focused on Acroporid corals.

Previous Research

  • R: data analysis and statistics
  • Microsoft Access database development experience
  • Project leadership experience